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Immigrant families live under the threat of deportation

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2021 | Deportation Defense |

Political discussions about immigration in Pennsylvania and across the nation frequently revolve around who should get to enter the country and who should be removed. Citizens naturally want people to follow immigration laws, but life circumstances often make this difficult for people. Immigrants who are trying to go through the process legally must endure long delays and face the threat of deportation while waiting for their documents. In the background, their children born in the United States live in fear of their family members being sent away to a foreign country.

Constant stress for family members

Extended families may contain members who live in the country legally and those who have yet to obtain proper documentation. This situation leaves family members in a constant state of worry about getting in trouble with authorities. A single deportation can deprive a family of someone who had been providing income or childcare.

Parents need backup plans

Parents who lack documentation to be in the country have to make arrangements for their children in case they get deported. They will ask their relatives who can stay in the country legally to take in the children in the event of parental deportation. Having a plan at least lets parents know that their children will enter a familiar household. However, the trauma of losing parents remains difficult for the children.

This negative outcome may be avoided by protesting a deportation. Some lawyers represent immigrants who need to defend themselves from deportation.

No easy path to legal immigration

Immigration laws present many barriers. You either need a family member or employer to sponsor you or convince the government to accept you as a refugee in need of asylum. The Green Card lottery also offers a tiny chance of winning legal entry.


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