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Will you lose your visa if you divorce your abuser?

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Family Immigration |

Many people come to the United States through family-based immigration. Maybe your spouse got a job in the United States, and you followed them here. Perhaps you got engaged to someone and obtained a fiance visa.

When your immigration status is a result of your marriage, you may feel trapped even when your spouse becomes abusive. You may not have known that your spouse had anger issues before you entered the country to marry them. On the other hand, you may have known about the mistreatment but never recognized it as abuse until you moved to the United States.

Either way, you may feel like you must endure the mistreatment you suffer at the hands of your house so that you can stay in the country. Thankfully, there is a visa program that could help you leave your abuser and still stay in the United States.

The U visa helps the victims of crime

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recognizes that immigrants are in a vulnerable position. There are unfortunately people who would take advantage of an immigrant, knowing they feel like they cannot leave.

There is a visa program created specifically to protect those who face victimization as an immigrant. A U visa can help people who cooperate in the prosecution of their abusers. Some of the crimes that might make you eligible for a U visa include domestic violence, kidnapping, sexual assault, prostitution and involuntary servitude.

You can potentially report your spouse’s misconduct and assist in their prosecution or even in their removal from the country. Your U visa will allow you to stay in the United States as you rebuild and potentially become eligible for another program or your green card.

Are you ready to leave the abuse behind?

It is often very frightening for someone to think about leaving a situation involving domestic violence. They may feel very vulnerable or may worry about reprisal from their abuser. Creating records of the abuse you have suffered and educating yourself about your rights will empower you to get out of this unhealthy and dangerous marriage.

Seeking a U visa can be a solution for someone who entered the country through family-based immigration and now needs help.


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