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Can you ask for support on a naturalization test?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Citizenship |

To achieve naturalization, you must meet many requirements first. You need to enter the country by legal means, and then remain there waiting to become a permanent resident without any major criminal mistakes or legal mishaps.

After getting past these steps, it is possible to take certain tests and then take an oath of allegiance, at which point you get granted naturalization. At first, this process might seem too daunting. However, it is possible to get help through most of it.

Exemptions for disability

The USCIS discusses exemptions and accommodations made in accordance with naturalization tests. First, if you have a medical disability, you can get waivers or support. The law in the country allows consideration for people with learning or mental disabilities that make it harder to learn a second language, for example.

The same goes for physical disabilities. For example, if you are blind or deaf, it is possible to get additional support during many sections of the test. In other situations, it may even be possible to bypass the test entirely depending on the disability in question.

Exemptions for older residents

Older permanent residents may also gain exemption in some cases. In short, the older someone is, the harder language proficiency becomes. Thus, anyone over age 50 who has had a green card for 20 years, or those over 55 who have had a green card for 15, may get a pass from the English test and only have to take the Civics test. Those over the age of 65 with a green card for 20 years may also get consideration for exemption from the Civics test, too.

It is important to give these potential exemptions a look through when deciding whether or not to proceed with pursuing naturalization.


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