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Examining the adverse effects of deportation is essential

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Deportation Defense |

Having the ability to reside legally in Pennsylvania is something many individuals born in the United States take for granted. Living in this area as a non-US citizen can be risky as getting deported is always a possibility, even after residing in the United States for several years. Unfortunately, this action occurs regularly, causing adverse effects on families and communities.

Getting deported may force you or a loved one into a dangerous environment

Being forced to return to a country you migrated from may be dangerous. Some countries have poor environments where murder, kidnapping, torture and rape are common occurrences. Getting thrown into this situation can be challenging, making it difficult to stay in contact with family in the US.

Separating families can be devastating

If a parent gets deported, separating them from their children, the family structure gets torn apart instantly. This action can lead to food insecurity and economic hardship. Making ends meet and finding a suitable caregiver for the children can be challenging. In some situations, older siblings take over this role, leaving them more responsibility and less time to live a fruitful life. Emotional and behavioral challenges may also occur due to the separation from a parent.

Increasing fear in the community

Experiencing immigration raids and deportations can disrupt a community quickly, creating mistrust between public institutions and the citizens living in the area. Increased fear may make individuals less hesitant to participate in cultural activities or use social services. Attendance at churches and schools may also be negatively affected.

Finding a solution

Discovering alternatives to deportation can be beneficial in helping solve the negative outcome that it can cause for individuals, families and communities. Eliminating deportation quotas and increasing judicial review may help create a more positive outcome.

Understanding the negative results that deportation can cause is the first step in finding a solution. Examining the effects of each area is essential if the negative consequences are going to be fixed.


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