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3 common mistakes to avoid when applying for a green card

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2022 | Family Immigration |

A green card grants you the privileges of being a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. and marks a first step towards becoming a full citizen. Because it is so significant, you may find the application process both exciting and daunting.

The law is complex and there is a great deal of paperwork. It is important to avoid making certain mistakes as you apply for your green card.

1. Missing or forgetting a document

With all of the paperwork involved, it is easy to miss one. However, every single document is vital and missing one may cost you time. Make a checklist of all forms needed and check it twice.

2. Failing to sign all your forms

Another common error is not signing the documents in all of the right places. Check that not just you, but anyone else, such as a sponsor, signs everywhere you need to, and that the right person signs at each place. Failure to sign the forms correctly generally results in outright rejection.

3. Accidentally submitting wrong information

Typos are very easy to make. You have to provide a lot of information, including job history, addresses, dates and facts about your personal history. There are many small details that are easy to forget. However, even if it is an accident, the government may view any wrong information as lying on your application. To avoid this, try not to rely on your memory when possible. Instead, have any papers, notes or records you need out and easily viewable while you fill out your forms.

The green card application process may be complex, but legal counsel may make it easier. It is important to be cautious, check every detail more than once and avoid mistakes to prevent a delay or a rejection.


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