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What is a notice to appear?

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2022 | Deportation Defense |

If you are originally from somewhere outside the U.S., you may find the country’s laws to be confusing. You also may find it difficult to understand some technical documents you receive from the federal government. Still, because it may affect your future, the information in these documents is important to try to comprehend.

One of the more confusing immigration-related documents you are likely ever to receive is Form I-867, Notice to Appear. If you receive this document, it is critical not to ignore it. After all, the NTA is the notice government officials give to individuals they intend to deport.

Your charging document

According to the USCIS, the NTA charges you with violating specific immigration laws and explains why immigration officials are trying to remove you from the U.S. It also gives you a date and time you must appear before an immigration judge to explain why you should remain in the country. It is imperative to attend the appointment, as a judge can order your removal without you being physically present in a courtroom.

Your deportation defense

NTAs can be frustrating, as they often contain only limited information. Still, you should be careful not to misplace or discard your NTA. Indeed, your immigration attorney likely can glean a great deal of information about your situation simply by reading through the document. He or she then can begin to plan your deportation defense.

If you have no viable deportation defense, it may be possible to negotiate your voluntary departure from the country to avoid future immigration consequences. Ultimately, though, because the NTA will not go away on its own, you must plan to address it in immigration court.


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