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What to do when you are facing deportation or removal

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Deportation Defense |

Immigrants who are in Pennsylvania and the United States often live in fear of deportation if they do something wrong or do not manage their paperwork right. Because immigration is such a complex topic, it is even harder for those who may not speak English as a native language to understand how to comply with the expectations set by the government.

Once deportation or removal has been ordered, there are only a few ways to stave off the process.

The deportation process

Foreign nationals who violate their visa, engage in criminal acts or are a threat to public safety face deportation by the government. If someone comes to the United States with forged documents or the wrong travel documents, they may also face an expedited removal.

Prior to trial or deportation, the person is held in a detention center. The case is then heard by the United States Department of Justice’s chosen immigration court. The country the person is being deported to must accept the person back, and travel costs come at the expense of the United States government.

Can deportation be stopped?

Those facing deportation can leave the United States voluntarily or file a complaint with the United States Department of Homeland Security if someone violated their civil rights during detention, immigration or removal proceedings. The adjustment of status process can also help undocumented immigrants who face removal proceedings. This requires a petition by a family member or application for asylum.

After removal or deportation, the person still has hope. They may file an I-212 form and apply through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for readmission.


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