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How can you get a green card after receiving asylum?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Asylum |

Immigrants from abroad who seek asylum in the United States may wish to become permanent residents after arriving in the country. While being an asylee does not mean you are a U.S. citizen, there are processes you can follow to get a green card after receiving asylum.

While you are free to remain in the United States so long as you have asylum status, getting a green card is the best way to ensure that you can stay in the country if your status changes. Learn more about the asylum process and the expedited procedures asylees can follow to obtain a green card.

What is asylum for immigrants?

Individuals at risk of persecution due to race, religion or other personal attributes in their home country may seek asylum in the United States. If you are physically present in the country, you may file an application for asylum with the Citizenship and Immigration Services. Having asylum status means that you have the freedom to remain in the United States with your spouse and children and to apply for employment authorization.

How can an asylee receive a green card?

Asylees may apply for lawful permanent residence after remaining in the country for one full year after obtaining asylum status. Acceptance requires that you continue to meet the eligibility of asylum status at the time of your green card application.

Asylees can typically remain in the United States as long as there remains a threat of persecution in their home country. If you wish to remain in the country even in the event that your asylum status changes, it is best to take steps toward becoming a naturalized citizen.


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