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How can you help your children adjust to a new country?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Family Immigration |

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and terrifying. One part of the brain feels optimistic, while another feels nervous about the uncertainties.

These thoughts can be more overwhelming for children immigrating to a new country. They can feel happy about gaining new experiences and exploring a new place, but they may also feel sad about leaving their friends or anxious about meeting new people.

3 ways to help children acclimate

One of the most critical ways to help your children during this time is to let them know that it is normal for different and opposing feelings to arise. Validate their emotions no matter what they may be. On top of that, here are more tips on how you can help your children adapt to a new country:

  • Find youth communities: Providing a sense of home can go a long way. It can help them find a harmonious and welcoming community in their school or neighborhood. An example can be a cultural group or a class that aligns with their interests, like music and dancing.
  • Support them in their hobbies: Hobbies can be an anchor for your children. It can be a good reminder that though they left the home they once knew, they can still enjoy the activities they love. If their hobbies help enrich their lives, there is no problem giving them your support.
  • Spend time going out with them: Taking them around the Pennsylvania neighborhood and visiting interesting places in your new home can also help. Encourage them to do interesting and unique activities in their new country of residence. This can also deepen your relationship by creating new memories and, at the same time, helping them acclimate to the new environment.

Change can be difficult to manage at any age. You and your children can work through it together as you begin this new chapter in the U.S.


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