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Top 2 reasons for deportation

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2023 | Deportation Defense |

Deportation is when the government removes you from America and sends you back to your home country. This can happen for several reasons.

Here are some of the top reasons for deportation. If deportation is currently on your plate, you need to know which of these is the potential cause.

1. Not obeying status terms

If you are on a visa, you must obey the terms of your status. For instance, if you are here on a student visa, you must remain enrolled in a university. Likewise, if you are on a tourist visa, you cannot work. Engaging in employment while you are in Pennsylvania can cause deportation.

Additionally, if you fail to apply for a visa renewal and stay on an expired visa, you could face deportation. Therefore, check the conditions your visa presents. If you do not know your rights based on your visa, ask a professional. They can answer your questions, which can make you avoid deportation for this reason.

2. Violating immigration law

You can violate immigration law in many ways, including:

  • Documentation fraud
  • Visa overstays
  • Entering the country illegally
  • Lying on your visa application

If you break any of these, you are automatically not eligible for immigration status. You will not get an immigrant or non-immigrant visa. When you already hold a visa, the government will revoke it. The same goes for the rights you had due to your visa.

Being in the US illegally can lead to deportation. However, the immigration system is complex and people often misinterpret their status. If you are uncertain about your rights based on your visa, ask an immigration expert. They have the knowledge you need to ensure you do not face deportation.


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