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What is Rapid REPAT?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2023 | Deportation Defense |

Criminal convictions are one of the top reasons why the United States reports immigrants. If an immigrant is serving prison time for a conviction, he or she may have the option to leave the country and end the sentence early.

This can happen through something called Rapid REPAT. REPAT stands for Removal of Eligible Parolees Accepted for Transfer.

The program details

Rapid REPAT  is a program available in six states: New York, Arizona, Maryland, Washington, Georgia and New Hampshire. It is also available in Puerto Rico.

The program is for those who are in prison due to a criminal conviction and allows release from prison to the person’s home country. It lets the person get out of prison before the expiration of their sentence, which is beneficial to the U.S. because it allows for the quick removal of individuals who have a criminal history and also reduces the prison population and associated costs. For the immigrants, it ensures they get back to their home country swiftly.

Important points of the program

The program requires the consent of the immigrant. It must be in writing, and the immigrant must agree to all processes necessary to secure travel documents. Immigrants also must agree that should they return to the U.S., they will have to serve the remainder of their sentence.

The bottom line with the Rapid REPAT program is that immigrants who are in American prisons may be able to return to their home countries and avoid having to serve the full sentence. It can be beneficial for some individuals. Plus, it is a cost-effective way for the U.S. to manage deportation for those with criminal convictions.


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