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December 2012 Archives

Christmas present from the ICE

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced a change in its policy under the new "national detainer guidance." In terms of the focus of who will be subject to removal, or deportation, the agency will now focus primarily upon serious criminal offenders.

Mother goes from removal proceedings to legal permanent resident

Imagine being told that you have a certain amount of time left with your children before you will be forced out of the country. Tragically, this is an extremely common situation and one that happens to families in Lancaster quite frequently. When a parent is not a citizen and the children are, there is always the risk that the parent could be deported before he or she has a chance to naturalize and become a citizen, too.

Uniting American Families Act seeks changes to family immigration

Most people in York recognize that when an American marries someone from another country, the American spouse can sponsor his or her foreign spouse to immigrate to the United States. Husbands have brought wives and wives have brought husbands to this country, allowing them to bypass the visa system and shorten the amount of time they have to wait before they can naturalize as American citizens. This is a great benefit for different-sex binational couples, but it is one that has yet to be expanded to Americans in same-sex relationships with people who are not American citizens.

School creates scholarships for undocumented immigrant students

Every high school senior in Lancaster County dreads the question, "What will you be doing next year?" but it is one that is particularly frustrating for teenagers who were brought to this country illegally as children. They may believe college is out of reach because they cannot access federal financial aid and, in only a few states, can they receive in-state funding. The prospect of paying full tuition, even if they can receive in-state tuition in Pennsylvania, may be too much for many undocumented immigrants. One school, however, has recently set up a million-dollar scholarship fund specifically for undocumented immigrants.

Philadelphia woman allowed to stay in US to pursue education

It is heartwarming when the federal government doesn't stand in the way of someone trying to pursue his or her dream. For the undocumented immigrants who came to this country with their parents, that has not always been the case, but a few weeks ago we covered the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which provides immigrants who came here illegally as children two more years to stay in the country. A recent report lists a South Philadelphia college student as the first person in the area to receive the reprieve.

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